Tips on Selecting the Colour of Your Fence

Are you starting to get tired of your outdated and worn-out fence? Are you seeing signs of damage? If so, it’s time to get an upgrade! The colour of your fence has an impact on the overall look of your home. A well-designed fence increases your curb’s appeal and increases the value of your property in case you sell it in the future.

Now, choosing the right colour for your fence can be complicated. Here at Geelong Carpenters, we advise homeowners to consider certain factors to help them in making the right decision. No one wants to get stuck on the wrong colour and spend more on repainting their fences

Factors to Consider

Picket fences come in a variety of styles and colours. The most stressful part is choosing the right colour for your fence. Why? Because your fence is an important part of your home. It’s an extension of your living space. The way it looks will affect your curb’s appeal and the first impression that people will make.

Fortunately, here are the factors you need to consider to help you choose the correct colour for your picket fence.

Consult Your Homeowners Association

Before starting to build or paint your fence, it’s best to consult your local homeowner’s association if they have any restrictions. Doing this will prevent you from spending extra to have your fence re-done in case it does not follow their restrictions.

Match Your Home’s Design

A fence that does not match your home’s style and design will look odd. Since your fence is considered an extension of your home, it should complement the style and colour of your house.

For instance, traditional colonial cottages look better with lighter fences. While darker colours compliment and add rustic allure to farmhouses.

Consider Your Landscape

Your landscape is an important element in choosing a colour for your fence. Aside from your home’s style and colour, your chosen colour should also make your landscape stand out. Make sure that your chosen shades are in line with your landscaping plans.

Consider Outdoor Structures

Do you have outdoor structures like decks, pergolas, or pools? If you have any of these structures, you should have a more cohesive look at your outdoor structure, fence, and house.

Go for Bold Colours

If you want your fence to be the focal point in your yard, consider choosing a bold colour. It will emphasize your fence and make it appear as the prime feature of your yard.


Take into account the factors that we listed in this article to help you in selecting the perfect colour. Choosing the colour of your fence, it will still depend on your preferences. If you want a classy and bold fence, you can try using plain colours.

Still undecided? Our experts at Geelong Carpenters can guide you in choosing the perfect colour for your fence. If you have any inquiries regarding our services, we would be happy to assist you. Seek our professional services to turn your vision into reality today!

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