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Timber Flooring in Geelong

Timber flooring has always been a favourite, and there are many reasons why. Aside from its elegant and classic look, it’s also inexpensive and durable. Timber floor comes in different colours, textures, hardness, grade, and strength. Choosing the best type of timber floor depends on your purpose. 

In choosing the right timber flooring, you must consider a lot of factors. For instance, the harder timber floors, the more they can resist any type of indentation, abrasion, and damage. If you’re unsure on how to choose the right one, our team will guide you and explain to you in detail the information you need to know about timber floorings. 

We offer a wide variety of timber flooring that will match your style and preference. All of these timber species have different grades, strengths, and hardness. Here are some of the most popular types of timber floorings:

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Advantages of Timber Flooring

Have you ever wondered why timber flooring is often preferred by homeowners? Well, there are numerous reasons why. 

  • Easy to Clean. Timber floorings do not need regular maintenance. A damp mop can be used in cleaning every week. Just avoid using a wet or steam mop because it can damage the timber floor.
  • It Becomes More Beautiful Over Time. When wood gets older, it naturally gets more beautiful. Although wood can deteriorate over time, polishing your timber floors will restore their original beauty. 
  • Healthier Option. Timber floors are hypoallergenic. Unlike carpets, they won’t trap dust particles, germs, allergens, and pollen.
  • Long-Lasting.  If properly maintained, timber floors can last more than 100 years. 
  • Environmental Friendly. During production, timber floors use less energy compared to other flooring materials. Timber also stores carbon for life. Wood also breaks down naturally when disposed of. 

Process of Installing Timber Flooring

Depending on which type of timber floor you chose, the method of installing it may vary.

The first step is to remove any existing floorings – tiles, carpets, etc. After removing everything and filling any cracks or spots, it’s time to install the plywood. Then, we will use the following methods to install the timber flooring:


The timber floorings are stapled and secured to the plywood by using a large stapler. This is a quick and more expensive method.


If you’re one of the homeowners who don’t want to remove existing timber floors or tiles, we can use an adhesive to glue the new timber flooring over the existing tiles.

Nailing Down

Usually, people prefer doing this method because it’s fast, easy, and can be made by everyone.


Floating can only be used if in timber flooring that is engineered. Floating planks are only used on top of flooring material.

High-Quality Timber Flooring in Geelong

Timber flooring should be installed professionally to ensure that it will last long. Our team in Geelong Carpenters are reliable, well-equipped, and experienced. We build timber floorings using the finest materials in the market. Your satisfaction is important to us, that’s the reason why we are committed to providing you with the best timber flooring in Geelong!