Which Materials Are Best for Pergola Roofs

A pergola is one of many different outdoor structures that provide a variety in terms of materials it can be built with. Whether it be wood, steel, or otherwise, there are different options that can help make your pergola both durable and stylish. One of the different features that helps ensure the pergola’s sturdiness and protection against the different elements of your outdoor space is the roofing. Pergola roofing by itself may not seem like much, but a number of popular materials can bring different benefits to the overall structure.

Options for Pergola Roof Materials

When it comes to choosing the roofing for your pergola, it is a general option to have it match with the rest of the structure. There is, however, the option to go for a different material for your roofing and some recommended options are as follows:


Many metal types of materials are considered a reliable option for different structures. One recommended metal option you can select for pergola roofs is steel as it can be easily cut and shaped to any size. In addition to this, when used for pergola roofing, it is generally made from high-tensile steel, so it can handle a great amount of stress.

Design-wise, there are two ways you can choose for a steel pergola roof, flat or gable. The former creates a continuous roofline when attached to homes. The latter on the other hand has sloping panels that create an arched roof.

Fibreglass and Plastic

Aside from steel, there are two durable types of material that are recommended for pergola roofing and they are fibreglass and plastic. Both offer an excellent compromise between an open-topped pergola and a covered one. While designed to allow complete light exposure, they are fairly inexpensive and do a great job keeping rain and harmful UV rays from passing through.

With fibreglass, it may be hard to find but it is made by using recycled materials. Plastic, on the other hand, usually comes in lightweight panels of different sizes that can easily be cut down to size if needed.


While not the most durable of options when compared to other pergola roof materials, fabric roofing can provide protection from UV rays, which will help to keep your outdoor furniture from becoming faded. In addition to this, there are many different types of outdoor fabric covers to choose from. One recommended type of fabric you will want for pergola roofing are sails as they are made of materials that are resistant to sun exposure, moisture, and the elements.

Why Choose Geelong Carpenters For Assistance

As there are different options for the overall structure of a pergola, you will want to ensure a quality finish with a reliable professional group. Geelong Carpenters can provide this for you along with hassle-free results. Whether you are looking for a fitting roof for your pergola or want a hassle-free installation process, Geelong Carpentersan meets any pergola needs.


A pergola holds a large range of options when it comes to the selection of materials that it can be made with. When it comes to choosing the material for its roofing though, the right material can help enhance the overall sturdiness of the structure. Whether you choose steel, fibreglass, or even go with fabric, there are different benefits to be gained with proper roofing for your pergola.

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