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Decking in Geelong

If you have an unused area in your outdoor space, it’s a good decision to install a deck to make another functional space in your home. If installed properly, it will last for many years. Here at Geelong Carpenters, our team can help you maximise your outdoor space. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our team is results-driven, we make sure to use the highest quality of materials to build you a stable and long-lasting deck.

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Some Types of Deckings

Before installing a deck, you should plan which type and design you should get. Our team will help you out in deciding the best type that will work in your landscape and environment. These are some types of deckings:

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound decks are usually elevated. It’s a perfect way of extending your living space. It allows air circulation in your home.

Multi-Tier Deck

If you have a large property, a multi-tier deck is a good choice. It helps maximise your space and adds aesthetic appeal to your home.

Detached Deck

Detached decks are usually accessed via pathways or stairs.

Attached Deck

The attached deck is often compared to a patio. It is usually attached at the back of an L-shaped or U-shaped home.

Rooftop/Over Garage Deck

Before planning for a roof deck, you need to have an engineer inspect your structure to make sure that the deck will be safe and stable.

Deck Material Options

There’s a lot of materials to choose from for your deck. It’s a crucial decision to select the right material. Here at Geelong Carpenters, we will guide you in choosing the best material for your deck.

Pressure-Treated Wood

One of the most popular materials used for decking is pressure-treated wood. It’s affordable and can last for decades. Its brown colour can be enhanced with stain. For finishing, use a clear sealer or stain every other year.


Redwood is lightweight, easy to work with, and durable. However, redwood is expensive. The dark-coloured heartwood is rot-resistant. With regular and proper maintenance, it is expected to last for 15 to 20 years.

Cedar Decking

Cedar wood has natural beauty and aesthetic appeal. It’s a favourite decking material because it’s affordable and very easy to work with. The lifespan of cedar decking can last for 15 to 20 years.


Ipe is naturally beautiful and durable. If properly maintained it can last for more than 25 years. Installing an Ipe deck is labour-intensive because it’s an extremely hard material. To maintain its original appearance, it is recommended to be sealed every year.

Why Work With Us

A well-built deck adds beauty to your outdoor space. Working with a reliable and experienced contractor will give you peace of mind and make your decking project finish smoothly. Here at Geelong Contractors, we are qualified and fully equipped to provide you with decking services.

We are committed to meet your expectations. Our decks are customised according to your preferences. Our team has been providing excellent service for years. We make sure to deliver our project on time.